Jeremiah Rose

Mapping Lead, member of Mapping Operations team

Jeremiah joined us from the American Printing House for the Blind, where he led an indoor mapping team to support accessible navigation. Jeremiah received his BA from Kentucky Wesleyan College and his MA in Linguistics from the University of Louisville. Previously he has taught English as a second language in Japan, covered plastics technology as a trade journalist in New York, and worked on developing braille literacy curricula in Louisville. He has presented on indoor mapping for accessible navigation apps at OpenStreetMap US, ATIA, Mobility Matters, and elsewhere.

Jeremiah is a dedicated transportation cyclist and spends his leisure time reading science fiction and fantasy, messing around with plants, and playing tabletop games. He lives in Old Louisville with his wife, son, two cats, and a sunny window full of ecospheres and bromeliads.

Fave TV show is the "The Expanse", but he will admit to watching SF&F teen dramas like "The 100" as a guilty pleasure.

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