Explore Braille Display Support

Updated October 9, 2020

The following is a list of Braille Display devices that we have tested and can confirm work with Explore running on iOS devices.  We have provided tips for operation for some of the devices.

Connecting a Braille Display is a great way to get extra details, like the spelling of a street name, in Braille.

Supported Braille Displays

  1. QBraille
  2. Focus 14. The Focus 14 is very portable and easy to carry. You are able to run the app using only the Braille display while leaving the phone in a pouch on my belt. Command hints:
    • Right Nav Rocker moves through buttons and tabs.
    • Right Nav Rocker button clicks any button or tab.
    • Spacebar with Dots 2,3,8 switches to computer Braille input
    • Spacebar with G switches output to Literary Braille. I could then input search addresses and points using computer braille, and read the display using literary Braille.

Note that, when not using a Braille display, you can do a two-finger double-tap in the Search box, and then dictate your search address or point. When done dictating, do a two-finger double tap to end dictation.