Explore FAQ

We have complied a list of most frequently asked questions.

How does Explore work indoors?

A GoodMaps mapper or authorized partner will scan the building with a mobile LiDAR camera. The resulting images and data are processed to create accurate maps. Once the building map is added to the Indoor Venues list, a GoodMaps Explore user could enter the building and begin navigating. The user’s location inside that building is determined with GoodMaps’ revolutionary camera-based positioning (CPS) technique (CPS video).

How many Indoor Venues are available?

Since this technology was just mapped, there are a limited number of mapped buildings currently available. However, new venues are coming online every week! Users can contact their local building owner to request that it be mapped and pass along building contacts to GoodMaps if desired.

Is this app accessible?

Yes. GoodMaps Explore has been evaluated internally and by a team of accessibility analysts from LCI Tech/Ablr. An Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) is available upon request. Additionally, we have collected feedback from potential users and beta testers throughout the development process.

What countries support GoodMaps Explore?

The first countries supported are the U.S. and Canada with additional English-speaking countries to be added based on demand. Contact your local agency to express your interest and have them contact GoodMaps.

What languages are available?

English and Canadian French. We are working with partners in other countries to increase the number of supported languages. Contact your local agency to let them know of your interest.

Is the app compatible with an Android device?

GoodMaps Explore will be available on the Google Play store for Android devices by the end of the year (2020).

Is GoodMaps Explore compatible with other accessibility tools?

Currently, GoodMaps Explore will work with Braille displays compatible with VoiceOver.

I am having an issue with the app. Where can I get help?

You can use the Support page to submit your inquiry. You can also access this within the app by going to the More page and selecting “Support & Feedback.” That will open an email with key information already filled in the body of the message. Contextual tutorial pages are available within Explore. A compilation of those tutorial pages are in the Explore User Guide.

What does GoodMaps Explore cost?

At GoodMaps, we develop products specifically for people who are blind and visually impaired. We focus especially on indoor navigation, but also include outdoor navigation in GoodMaps Explore. Our core work is on expanding access to navigation for people who are blind, lowering barriers to access that technology, and making easy-to-use products. For this reason, GoodMaps Explore is and will always be free. We believe people who are blind should not have to pay for access to information sighted people get at no cost.

How similar is GoodMaps Explore to Nearby Explorer?

GoodMaps is a separate company from APH, and GoodMaps Explore is a separate app from Nearby Explorer. GoodMaps is solely responsible for the development and financial support of GoodMaps Explore. For questions about Nearby Explorer please reach out to APH support.
GoodMaps Explore works outdoors as well as in a set of Indoor Venues that have been mapped by our team. Our outdoor capabilities are streamlined to work for most users and support core outdoor features needed for navigation. Our goal is to make Explore available for a large number of users, which means we won't have every feature Nearby Explorer has. Explore has a predetermined set of configurations that make it easy for new users to learn the app. This was an intentional choice GoodMaps made to lower the barrier of entry for more blind users. Additionally, we are working on exciting outdoor features that Nearby would not be able to accomplish.