GoodMaps Explore

Dynamic Navigation

Accurate indoor and outdoor information and navigation for people who are blind or visually impaired.


being in an airport and not knowing how to get to your flight gate.

or shopping at the mall and not knowing what stores are around.

GoodMaps Explore helps everyone, whether they are visually impaired or not, navigate safely and efficiently.

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Powered by GoodMaps Studio

GoodMaps Explore is built on GoodMaps Studio mapping data to provide the best indoor mapping data available.

Our seamless indoor to outdoor navigation experience allows users to have a hassle-free trip. Imagine having all the information you have outdoors brought to the indoors.

GoodMaps Studio allows venue owners to update and customize their indoor maps ensuring that POI data is always up to date.

Revolutionary Indoor Positioning

GoodMaps Explore, utilizes camera-based positioning (CPS), which uses geo-referenced images to determine a user's position. It's simple:

  • During our initial LiDAR scan of the building we collect a library of images.
  • Then as a person is using GoodMaps Explore, the camera on the person's device occasionally captures images and, through our technology, references those images with the original image scans of the building. It’s like a matching game!
  • The app is able to determine a user's position based on the match of the image coming in from the device and the image stored in the database.


GoodMaps Explore locates where you are in a room within 2-inches to 1 meter of accuracy. This is a substantial improvement over the accuracy provided by GPS (which is 8-10M outdoors), Bluetooth trilateration (4-5M) and other approaches.


Prior to GoodMaps, indoor positioning required the installation and maintenance of hardware, like Bluetooth beacons or Ultra-wide band beacons. This is costly and requires labor for installation and maintenance. The GoodMaps approach only requires a single beacon at building entrances.


Location Aware: On-demand or automatic updates about your immediate surroundings 

Shake your phone toheara snapshot of your current location, including current direction, nearest room, street, or points of interest (POI). 

Route Directions: Accurate indoor routing for independent travel 

Follow a route to a destination in mapped indoor spaces.  

Lookaround: Direction-based discovery at your fingertips

Discover the POIs in the direction you point the phone. You will hear the POIs in order of proximity. 

Virtual: Explore routes and surroundings before you go

Set your position outdoors to a POI and explore its surroundings.  Search indoor POIs and follow routes to them virtually.

Other Features: Control your navigation experience

  • Get started quickly with help from easy, accessible tutorials.
  • Select a Favorite POI or address to quickly set as a destination.
  • Search for POIs indoors or outdoors.
  • Locate nearby intersections.
  • Load Be My Eyes to provide live visual assistance.