Make your venue accessible to all.

When traveling cross country or just across a museum exhibit, independence is key for people who are blind or someone who is not familiar with your space. GoodMaps provides superior accessible indoor mapping and accurate positioning compared with other systems.

When your venue is mapped in GoodMaps Studio, your visitors can use the GoodMaps Explore app can easily understand their surroundings as they move through a city or through your venue.  The GoodMaps Explore app verbally announces the distance and direction to nearby rooms, water fountains, and emergency exits in much the same way as sighted people see print signs. Visitors can also preview your venue for better navigation when they arrive.

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Why Choose Us?

  1. Minimal Infrastructure.  Skip the high cost and the lengthy installation process associated with traditional indoor mapping. Camera-based positioning (CPS) requires monimal installation of any hardware or beacons. ​
  2. Fantastic Accuracy.  Ensure your visitors can confidently travel, CPS provides accuracy as good as a few feet. ​
  3. Intuitive & Simple. Empower your visitors by allowing them to easily understand their surroundings as they move through your indoor venue.
  4. Virtual Experience Allow your visitors to explore your venue from anywhere at anytime.

Promote Your Commitment to Accessibility

We want to make sure as a venue you have all the tools to market indoor navigation in your space. Our marketing toolbox includes:

  • Press release to local and national media, as well as national disability advocacy groups
  • Social media/blog posts featuring your venue
  • Plaque to display that you are a GoodMaps supported accessible venue
  • QR code you can post indefinitely so people can quickly download GoodMaps Explore
  • Flyers to promote downloading the app and exploring the venue

Additionally, we add your venue to our forthcoming supported building list on this website.

Learn About Your Space and Measure Success

We make it easy to see how people are using your building and the app.  In the monthly analytics report we will create for you, you'll see:

  • Number of users in your venue
  • Most popular exhibits and points of interests
  • Most traveled routes and destinations
  • When is the app being used
  • How often is the app being used

Supported Venues



  • Create efficient routing for gate-to-gate travel
  • Identify points of interest (POIs) within airports to boost sales
  • Allow an accessible environment for all travelers, regardless of ability to see
  • Contact tracing to help slow the spread of COVID-19
  • Provide accurate maps for first responders


  • Increase attendance for preventative and necessary care
  • Decrease number of cancelled appointments
  • Reduce complexity of hospital navigation
  • Contact tracing to help slow the spread of COVID-19
  • Provide accurate maps for first responders

Office Buildings

  • Increase accessible customer engagement
  • Get ahead of the ADA curve
  • Create a D&I friendly workforce
  • Advance reputation for accessibility and inclusion
  • Contact tracing to help slow the spread of COVID-19

Colleges and Universities

  • Welcome students across the ability spectrum
  • Decrease campus orientation learning curve
  • Minimize staff resources needed for accessibility
  • Make campus visits more welcoming and streamlined

Transit Authorities

  • Provide accessible multi-modal support for travelers with accessibility needs
  • Enjoy accurate positioning within train and bus stops
  • Support accessible route-planning and notifications when the correct bus or train has arrived
  • Integrate with existing transit SDKs
  • Contact tracing to help slow the spread of COVID-19
  • Provide accurate maps for first responders
aging care

Aging Care

  • Track high-value equipment, saving staff valuable time and preventable expenses
  • Monitor high-risk patients and reduce liability
  • Reduce facility maintenance and operations expenses
  • Contact tracing to help slow the spread of COVID-19
  • Provide accurate maps for first responders


  • Provide visitors with the ability to navigate all the resources in your space
  • Maximize utility of learning environments and service areas: reading rooms, exhibition rooms, service counters for information and registration, and the lending desk.
  • Understand your patron's most common needs, i.e. what is the most searched area?


  • Enhance visitor's experience by providing a complete navigational guide to your exhibits
  • Engage visitors with interactive and dynamic information
  • Collect location-based analytics to determine most popular exhibits
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Don't see your venue listed? We can still bring GoodMaps Studio and Explore to you! Contact our team for more details.