Access Explorer Rebrands to Goodmaps and Embarks to Map The Largest Unmapped Territory In The World – The Indoors

by Unknown, 8/1/2020

Access Explorer announced today that it has changed its name to GoodMaps, effective immediately. The name change is part of a re-branding initiative to better align the company’s name with its refined strategy and near-term product roadmap.

“This rebranding reflects our belief that digital maps can change the world, beginning with accessible navigation for people who are blind or visually impaired,” says José Gaztambide, Founder and CEO of GoodMaps. “When I had the honor of being hired to lead the company, I quickly realized that an indoor navigation app wouldn’t get very far without focusing also on high-quality digital maps of the inside of buildings – maps that very rarely existed. With simultaneous mapping of indoor spaces, we can, and will, help buildings become not just more accessible but also more safe, and productive. This is the mission of GoodMaps.”

mapping platform-min.PNG

Achieving the GoodMaps Mission

Central to that mission is GoodMaps Studio, a new indoor digital mapping platform that creates and hosts digital maps. We use mobile scanners to capture LiDAR point clouds and images, which then convert into digital maps. Building owners themselves control the data in the maps, embodying a focus on data security.

“We built GoodMaps Studio in response to what we heard from building owners. Specifically, there were concerns about their mapping data falling into the wrong hands. That’s why GoodMaps allows buildings to determine what information is made public and what information is kept secure and managed.”

While GoodMaps’ initial focus is on mapping for accessible navigation, Gaztambide promises there is more to come.

“Our team is working with partners to put critical spatial data in the hands of first responders, an effort that promises to save lives and protect those who protect us,” says Gaztambide. “We also will soon release a virtual touring module that will allow organizations to share their incredible spaces digitally, at a time where many cannot be there in person.”

GoodMaps is a Louisville-based social enterprise and an affiliate of the American Printing House for the Blind (APH). For more information, go to GoodMaps Website or Contact Us.

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