Blind Abilities Podcast features GoodMaps’ New Navigation app

by Unknown, 11/18/2020

Making the World More Accessible One Place at a Time – Indoor and Outdoor Navigation app in the Palm of Your Hand

GoodMaps CEO, Jose Gaztambide, and Chief Evangelist, Mike May, joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about the new app GoodMaps Explore. An indoor and outdoor navigation app on iOS and soon to be on Android.

With outdoor navigation being available through various GPS apps and map apps, American Printing House for the Blind formed GoodMaps in an effort to take on the challenges of indoor navigation. With breakthrough technology, Jose and Mike joined Blind Abilities to give an overview of the technology and prospects of the GoodMaps Explore app.

The key to this advancement is GoodMaps’ revolutionary indoor positioning system, which combines Augmented Reality and sensors on a device with a new system developed by Fantasmo, a GoodMaps partner.

GoodMaps Explore is a mobile navigation app that gives a complete picture of your surrounding environment indoors and outdoors. Built from the ground up with visual impairment in mind, Explore is optimized for on-screen gestures with Apple’s VoiceOver.

Explore provides you with environmental information as you move through an Indoor Venue or while outdoors.

While using the GoodMaps Explorer app outdoors, Explore will notify you of your direction, nearest address, cross street, and nearby Points of Interests, (POI).

At any time, how-to tutorials are available on the “More” page.

Happy navigating!

For more information about GoodMaps and to Contact GoodMaps, Check out the GoodMaps News Release on the GoodMaps website.

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