GoodMaps acquires the Sendero GPS mobile apps from Aira, which are now free!

Ever wonder what became of the Sendero GPS subscription apps, Seeing Eye GPS, RNIB Navigator and Guide Dogs NSW? There is one word to describe them now: free, free, free! GoodMaps is pleased to announce the impending release of these former Sendero apps in all respective markets under the name GoodMaps Outdoors. The apps will now be free and an Android version will be released in the next few days in addition to the currently live iOS version. 

GoodMaps Outdoors

GoodMaps Outdoors is an excellent complement to GoodMaps Explore, which features a simple interface and indoor navigation where available. GoodMaps Outdoors has features not available in other GPS apps such as:

  • detailed intersection description,
  • built-in route directions with detailed turning prompts,
  • a bread-crumb waypoint route mode,
  • and the benefit of features suggested by users over the past eight years as well as the rich expertise of Mike May and the GoodMaps team.

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Click here for more about GoodMaps Explore and GoodMaps Outdoors. Thanks to Aira for updating the apps to include Android, adding a few features as well as an Aira launch button and the ability to search for nearby Aira locations. GoodMaps taking over the navigation apps from Aira represents the best in collaboration. The companies share the mission to make the world more accessible.

This free GoodMaps Outdoors app is made possible with the generous support of Guide Dogs in Australia and the Seeing Eye in the U.S. Additional sponsors are welcome to contribute suggestions and funding to this app.

Note that GoodMaps and Aira will be presenting at the MEnabling conference October 4-6 at the Renaissance hotel in Crystal City VA, which will be configured with the GoodMaps indoor navigation technology.

*#### Remember, ā€œIt is better to travel hopefully than to arrive,ā€ and that visual assistance is just one click away."

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Listen to the Mosen at Large Podcast by Jonathan Mosen, interviewing Mike May of GoodMaps and Troy Otillio of Aira to hear the back story of how GoodMaps Outdoors came to life!

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