GoodMaps and Accessible Avenue Announce Partnership for Delivering Accessible Indoor and Outdoor Navigation to the Mobility Industry

Today Louisville-based indoor mapping and accessible wayfinding technology provider, GoodMaps, and Phoenix-based Accessible Avenue, a mobility-industry consulting firm that assists industry organizations to improve the accessibility of their products and services, announced a strategic partnership that will accelerate the deployment of cutting-edge navigational technologies within the rapidly expanding mobility industry.

GoodMaps was formed to create technology that enables people who are blind or visually impaired to explore and successfully navigate the environment as well as for all other individuals. GoodMaps Founder and CEO, Jose Gaztambide shares, “GPS wayfinding has made it possible for blind and visually impaired people to independently travel outdoors but it does not work indoors. By utilizing revolutionary LiDAR and camera-based mapping, GoodMaps quickly creates secure indoor digital maps and provides indoor positioning as accurate as a couple feet, all without the need for any hardware.”

“Partnering with GoodMaps represents a natural extension of Accessible Avenue’s mission to transform mobility for everyone,” says Founder and CEO Ron Brooks. “For example: we know that one of the biggest barriers to the use of public transit by people with disabilities is the ability to navigate transit stations and facilities and the surrounding neighborhoods with confidence. GoodMaps is solving for that exact challenge, so their technology represents a game-changer for any organization that wants to create more accessibility for people with disabilities who need to navigate indoor as well as outdoor spaces.”

About GoodMaps

GoodMaps was spun out of the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) in early 2019 with a mission of expanding accessible navigation technology. GoodMaps is a digital mapping and accessible navigation company focused on making buildings more accessible, welcoming, and safe. GoodMaps uses LiDAR, image recognition, and positioning technology to create unparalleled mapping and navigation experiences for audiences ranging from firefighters to people who are blind, to facility managers, and even first-time visitors. For more information about GoodMaps, visit

About Accessible Avenue

Founded in 2020, Accessible Avenue exists to connect public agencies and private organizations with consulting and training services that can assist in the development and delivery of mobility and transportation related facilities, products and services that are accessible for everyone, including older adults and people with disabilities. More information is available at