GoodMaps empowers railway commuters with autonomous indoor wayfinding

GoodMaps is revolutionising the way passengers' access, utilise, and travel through railway stations, thanks to its partnership with Transpennine Express. Any passenger traveling through TPE stations will now be able to navigate with turn-by-turn directions throughout their stations using the GoodMaps Explore app, available on both iOS and Android for FREE. GoodMaps Explore can get travelers from the station entrance, through the ticket barriers, and onto their train, with confidence and ease. Watch this video to hear about the GoodMaps TPE implementation and users describe their experience with GoodMaps Explore.

"Having experienced public transport when sighted, then later in life as a blind person. My perspective has changed as a disabled commuter wanting to retain my independence. Railway stations are busy, complicated, and often extremely challenging to navigate. GoodMaps provides me with reassurance and a sense of confidence I've not felt since navigating stations as a sighted commuter. Whilst the technology enhances the travelling experience for all passengers, the solution is an absolute evolution to those with disabilities, for whom accessing public transportation autonomously is often cumbersome and lacking in true independence. It has been a true delight working with Natasha and TPE towards a goal of inclusive public transport." - Neil Barnfather, VP Europe GoodMaps.

Hear from Natasha, who is the Accessibility and Integration Manager for TPE, explaining the importance of an equal solution that also meets the needs of disabled passengers. "Making public transport accessible, hassle free, and most importantly available to the widest demographic of our society, is of huge importance to us at Transpennine Express. Passengers not only desire more flexible and refined methods of supporting their journeys through our stations, but, they expect familiar and user intuitive approaches to that experience." Watch the video of Natasha, who is low vision, navigate a TPE station independently and confidently.

By providing an inclusive navigation solution to the TPE transportation community, GoodMaps technology increases the adoption of public transport with a new enhanced wayfinding experience. The installation free, easy to use navigation app, directs users to their desired destination with sub meter accuracy in any of the TPE stations. Watch the video showing how GoodMaps provides freedom and empowerment to users at the stations.

Through demonstrating the power of GoodMaps within the railway sector, it is hoped that the wider transport industry will join in adopting a whole industry strategy surrounding inclusive customer journey experiences. Taking passengers from door to platform, gate to bus stop, and beyond.

Be sure to stay tuned as GoodMaps continues to break down wayfinding barriers within public transport systems throughout the world!

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