GoodMaps is proud to announce the release of GoodMaps Explore on Android

Dec. 23, 2020, updated Dec. 23, 2020

GoodMaps Explore is an accessible wayfinding app designed primarily for people who are blind or visually impaired, which sets a new standard for indoor navigation across the globe. GoodMaps Explore uses audio instructions to communicate routing and critical spatial information as users move through a space, whether indoors or outdoors, drawing upon GoodMaps’ state-of-the-art digital maps. In doing so, GoodMaps has solved four problems that have frustrated the field for several decades by:

  1. Delivering superior positioning accuracy with minimal infrastructure,
  2. Dramatically speeding the process to digitally map a building, which provides the foundation for the app,
  3. Creating a way for building owners to securely control their mapping data,
  4. Providing the public with a complete package of maps with an app to actually use them.

Hear from our Users

Warren Carr, Android Beta Tester

"When I am able to hear what streets I am crossing, the independence I get from that as a blind person, is the fact that it makes me know more about the streets in my city, thus, knowing what street is where, and how to get there. Besides, becoming available on Android, means that the many blind people like me who are on Android, can now benefit from the app that a few months ago, they could only wish for."

Taylor Cox, a student

“Using GoodMaps Explore for the first time was so crazy. I walked around my neighborhood and I notice things that my mom and dad didn't notice. I saw the street names that I was walking on and I knew which Cardinal direction I was facing. It was really an amazing eye opener for me.”

Bob Sweetman, a blind professional

"Virtual exploration is awesome! For example, I was able to look around the American Printing House for the Blind building and understand how it is laid out and get directions to different points inside the building. I think the aspect of having indoor and outdoor navigation is going to be fantastic."

Jamie Murdy, a teacher of the visually impaired

"Overall I have found it to be intuitive and easy to use. As Taylor mentioned, she could pick it up and get immediate information from her environment without a lot of training. Most of my students, and any kid in general, is good at their phone. So, it's nice that it's on a platform that they are used and able to use. A few days ago, I had one of my middle school students, and I said, “OK your homework is to download this app and explore it and tomorrow I am going to ask you what you learned about your neighborhood.” I didn't tell her how to use the app at all. The next day, I said “OK tell me what you learned.” Her first response was, “It was very easy to use, there's tutorials for each time you go to a new section of the app it tells you how to use it.” Then she started telling me all about her neighborhood. She told me street names that she didn't know and that there is a bus stop a half a mile from her house.”
We don't need to be experts with the technology, for us it's helping our students learn how to interpret the information the GPS is giving them and apply it to their environment. and being able to generalize skills to travel independently. Explore is another tool that we can add to our toolbox. The more we provide our students, the better off they are going to be as far as their independence in building mental maps.


  • Location Aware - On-demand and automatic updates about your immediate surroundings.
  • Favorites - Save any Point of Interest (POI) and, outdoors, create your own favorited POIs.
  • Indoor Routing - Accurate indoor routing for independent travel (supported buildings only).
  • Lookaround - Direction-based discovery at your fingertips.
  • Virtual Mode – Preview and plan before you go.
  • Easy, Accessible Tutorials - Get started quickly with in-app help.
  • Search for POIs indoors or outdoors.
  • Locate nearby intersections.
  • Integration with Be My Eyes to provide live visual assistance.

Tips to finding Explore on the Google Play Store

  1. Search for GoodMaps Explore. GoodMaps is one word and Explore does not end in the letter R.
  2. The Play Store might autocorrect to Google Maps, but there will be an option to select "Search instead for GoodMaps Explore.” If you have questions or feedback about the app, send a message to

Learn more about GoodMaps Explore.