Huntington Indoor Navigation Initiative

A revolutionary accessible indoor navigation initiative is taking place in the Huntington, West Virginia right now.

The American Printing House for the Blind and GoodMaps are partnering to create accessible maps for people who are blind or visually impaired in Huntington, West Virginia. The initiative began July 13 and seeks to bring visual aids to the visually impaired within a series of buildings in Huntington, allowing these people to be more independent and confident within the space.

The buildings being mapped by the initiative are the Cabell-Wayne Association of the Blind, the Phil Cline YMCA Center and the downtown Cabell County Public Library. These buildings were decided upon by a grant given to the American Printing House by the Teubert Charitable Trust, which lasts one year in order to get the project started.

The resulting app, developed by GoodMaps, will allow users to get step-by-step directions and access to points of interest in an indoor space.

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