Mike May Joins Access Explorer Team as Chief Evangelist

by Unknown, 11/11/2020

Mike May, a pioneer in accessible navigation, joined the Access Explorer Team (an incorporated company owned by American Printing House for the Blind. May brings experience that will help the company continue to lead the way in accessible navigation.

“Mike has more than 25 years of experience in accessible indoor wayfinding and literally originated this effort in the US. There is nobody with more experience or passion for accessible indoor navigation than Mike,” says Access Explorer CEO, Jose Gaztambide. “He’s an incredible leader and human being. Everybody at Access Explorer and in the indoor navigation industry will benefit from his commitment and presence.”

Mike will help Access Explorer develop partnerships, identify resources to help expand its mission, and ensure Access Explorer’s work meets the highest standard of accessibility.

“I’ve been learning how to navigate since I was blinded from an explosion at age 3. I have worked on accessible navigation as a profession since the mid 90s,” explains May. “The timing for indoor navigation to be adopted by the public is now – it’s the newest frontier. I believe Access Explorer is poised to make sure accessibility is part of that breakthrough. I look forward to being part of this important mission.”

The Nearby Explorer app was created by the non-profit, American Printing House for the Blind (APH). For 161 years APH has developed products for people who are blind and visually impaired. As the popularity of Nearby Explorer grew, APH saw the need to take the app and concept to the next level. In March of this year, after a period of studying the business need and feasibility, and developing unique approaches to solving the obstacles to indoor navigation, APH formed the new for-profit corporation: Access Explorer, Inc. later changed to GoodMaps.

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