Mike May presents at TAAT, "Teaching the New Era of Accessible Wayfinding"

GoodMaps Chief Evangelist, Mike May, presents at the Tennessee Assocation for Assistive Technology on Teaching the New Era of Accessible Wayfinding. Over the past ten years, there have been various accessible navigation systems on the market. These systems are great in providing real-time travel information for the users but suffer from inaccuracy, installation, and maintenance needs. GoodMaps Explore, a seamless indoor-outdoor navigation app offers hands free navigation capabilities for blind or visually impaired users to travel free and independently. Our indoor positioning technology utilizes LiDAR and camera images to achieve meter level accuracy without the need for any installation or infrastructure in a building. With the COVID era causing classrooms to become virtual, it is now more important than ever to instill independence and confidence in students to navigate through their daily lives.

Goals: At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  1. Describe how to teach students to gather information about the travel environment, including street names, intersections, points of interest, and city information using GoodMaps Explore.
  2. Learn from a 20+ year accessible wayfinding blind professional how indoor navigation has evolved from GPS and beacon based systems to a new camera based positioning technology.
  3. Describe how students can navigate independently using GoodMaps Explore during a time when social distancing is required.