Four easy steps to make your building accessible.

1. Scan your building

We walk through your space with a LiDAR backpack that takes 360 degree images, laser measurements and video footage.

2. Develop your map

We develop an accurate and detailed digital map of your space using the scan and image data. Maps are processed and hosted on GoodMaps Studio. Mapped data is presented in multiple views: 2D floorplan, LIDAR point cloud, and 3D model.

3. View and edit your map

Use GoodMaps Studio to manage and edit your venue, control access and permissions to mapped data. You can:

  • Add names in multiple languages
  • Update Points of Interest (POIs) like restrooms
  • Decide what mapped data different types of users can access.

4. Share your map

Publish your map to our navigation app, GoodMaps Explore, and to other platforms of your choosing. Go live to the world!

Additionally, we offer a robust Software Developers Kit (SDK) for easy first and third-party application development.

Want to Map your Building?

Reach out for more details.