Navigate campus with ease.

Use Cases

  • Welcoming Environment

    Decrease campus orientation learning curve and help all students get acquainted with their new environment faster and easier.

  • Campus Efficiency

    Minimize staff resources needed for accessibility and mitigate safety risks on campus.

  • Student Diversity

    Make campus visits more welcoming and streamlined for students with all abilities.

Learn how to make GoodMaps Studio work for you.

Transform your campus into a welcoming space for everyone. Our mapping and application solutions can create seamless outdoor and indoor navigation for your entire campus.

Steps to map your campus:

  1. Provide any mapping resources that you already have (i.e. blueprints, campus maps, etc).
  2. We record outdoor and indoor points of interest (POIs)
  3. We scan indoor areas with our LiDAR scanner
  4. We process those POIs, images and LiDAR scans to create your map
  5. You proof the maps in GoodMaps Studio
  6. Maps go live and we incorporate them into our navigation app
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