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The GoodMaps Advantage

The world has very few digital maps of indoor spaces. It has even fewer good digital maps of indoor spaces.

We're changing all that.

GoodMaps delights in delivering value to venues and all those who use them.

MORE ACCURATEGoodMaps positioning technology comes within a few feet, while other companies accuracy varies between a dozen and 30+ feet.  For people who are blind or a first responder, this improvement in accuracy makes digital maps actually usable.

MORE SIMPLE. GoodMaps requires just one beacon installed at the entrance of your venue. Other companies need to install dozens or even hundreds of beacons, which are costly and require maintenance. By utilizing LiDAR and image recognition, we provide fast and accurate maps of indoor spaces at a fraction of the effort and costs of traditional technologies.

MORE USABLE. With "apps to use the maps," GoodMaps brings digital maps to life, delivering value immediately for your venues and those who use them.  GoodMaps creates apps, free of charge to the user like a person who is blind or first responder, that allow the user to actually use the map.  Other companies stop at handing over a digital map, leaving the essential work of how to actually make use of these maps to you as the venue.

MORE SECURE.  GoodMaps Studio allows venues to control who can access what information about your space.  What parts of the map can be accessed by the public?  By employees?  By first responders?  You decide.  Other companies' technologies do not give venues this control, which is essential for the safety of all those who use your space.


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Four Easy Steps to Making Your Building Accessible to Everyone:

  1. SCAN YOUR BUILDING: We walk through your space with a LiDAR backpack that takes 360 degree images, laser measurements and video footage.
  2. DEVELOP YOUR MAP: We develop an accurate and detailed digital map of your space using the scan and image data. Maps are processed and hosted on GoodMaps Studio.
  3. VIEW YOUR MAP: Navigate through GoodMaps studio to manage and edit your venue, control access and permissions to mapped data.
  4. SHARE YOUR MAP: Publish your map to our navigation app, GoodMaps Explore, and to other platforms of your choosing. Go live to the world!